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Magnesium Market Weekly Analysis

Source : Published: 2014-03-10

As of last week, the price of the various regions of magnesium ingots have been reduced. 99.9% magnesium ingot prices will Fugu region down to 14600 cash tax factory, the price did not attract the majority of orders. Currently on the market are mostly rigid demand in support. This price if they would continue to decline  
remove the rigid requirements of the procurement, we currently have a "buy or not buy up mentality." As procurement, to see the price in the end will be down to what extent. Magnesium ingot production in various regions, we are not unified consensus price, the price to attract some of the first order, and some maintain the original price. This will cause the market price of the poor, leading to many manufacturers were forced to cut prices, and later we found that it did not cut prices to attract the majority of orders. Another aspect of the upstream raw material has been in the price, the overall market gives a dull atmosphere.

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